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Duke Stratton Staff Photo
Mr.  Duke  Stratton
High School Vocational/Business Technology
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Classroom Rules  

Classroom Rules Mr. Stratton

1.   When I am talking, you are not.

2.   Enter the room quietly, with materials, and ready to work.

3.   Be respectful to all students, and any school staff.

4.   Raise your hand to answer, unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.

5.   Absolutely no profanity of any kind. (See Mr. Stratton for questions about what this entails)

6.   Maintain your work station.

7.   Cell Phones will be placed in the box when you enter, and returned to you when you leave.

8.   Sign out to go to bathroom, and in when you return.

9.   Sign tardy sheet when you arrive late.

10.                     Have fun, and learn all you can.