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Stephanie Davidson Staff Photo

Supply List 

Class Supply list for 2017-18

3rd Grade Students- Mrs. Davidson's homeroom

3 packs of loose leaf paper

yellow "Wooden" #2 pencils-- 2 or 3 packs

1 plastic 3 prong folder-- Red

5-- 3 prong folders (Yellow, Black, blue, orange, green)

5- composition books -- 70 sheet

pencil top erasers and pink bar erasers

3 packs of dry erase markers---- Markers are used on a daily basis!

Dy erase marker eraser

2 pack of highlighters

 2 inch binder-- Any color-- Will be used daily!



Wish list



disinfectent wipes

paper towels

1 pack of cheap tennis balls (no more than $2.00 per pack)