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High School Expectations

Washburn School Expectation Matrix 9-12













*Watch where you are going

*Use indoor voices in the building


*Have all necessary

materials before last bell

*Go directly to high school hall, classroom,  or cafeteria





*Keep personal contact limited

*Sit opposite lockers with legs folded

Avoid disrespectful comments toward others

*Be responsible in the use of school property

*Walk in hallway

Use locker to prepare and be ready to enter classroom




*Be considerate of others space

*Use indoor voice

*Clean up the area where you are sitting

*Throw trash in proper receptacles

*Keep all food in café

*All students go to cafeteria

* Go directly to cafeteria at designated time.


*Enter Quietly

*Sit Down until your class is called

*Exit area when class is called




*Walk directly to bus or car

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

*Drivers go directly to designated areas following parking lot procedures

*Bus riders go directly to bus

*Take all needed materials

(homework, books, notes, etc.)

*Stay on bus or in car

* Sign out in office, with proper permission,   if leaving before end of school day.




*Follow instructions of bus driver

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

*Follow bus rules

*Walk to your bus

*Keep track of your things

*Remain seated

*Have belongings ready to enter or exit the bus




*Give speaker full attention

* Use indoor voice

*Maintain gym cleanliness and order

*Walk in orderly manner

*Be present during all assemblies within the required time




*Be quiet

*Be clean

*Be quick



Parking Lot


*Keep hands, feet, objects to self

*Obey all traffic laws

*Place trash in proper receptacles

*Observe all

Driving Laws

*Drive with the flow of Traffic

*Observe all school rules

*Walk on side walk and in parking lot areas until reaching vehicle

*Bring all needed materials from area before school starts

*Park in marked spaces only

*Permission to be in parking lot obtained from office

*Be quick






*Use equipment appropriately *Put equipment away when finished

*Listen and follow instructions

*Keep hands and  feet to yourself

*Play safe-Watch out for others

*Share equipment and take turns

*Walk on isle, not seats of bleachers

*Sit on assigned number quietly to begin stretching

*Stop and listen   silently when you hear the whistle or intercom

* Enter and exit in a quietly


Science Lab


*Raise hand to ask questions

*Respect others

*Keep hands , feet , and other objects to yourself

*Keep lab clean

*Be on time

*Bring needed materials




Computer Lab


*Keep hands & materials in your work area only.

Use patience when materials must be shared or when cooperative work is going on.

*Return all materials to their proper places after use.

*Use all equipment properly.

*Be prepared to begin assignments/projects promptly.

*Bring any/all applicable materials to class.





*Enter and exit quietly

*Use indoor voice*respect others

*Keep hands and feet to yourself


*Follow library rules

*Return books and materials on time

*Be on time

*Bring needed materials




*Avoid horseplay

*Be quiet

*Stay in appropriate area

*Clean up after yourself

*Have money ready for purchase

*Listen for appropriate bells

*Be on time for class




*Avoid landscape areas

*Keep area clean

*Stay in appropriate area

*Be on courtyard only when it is open for student activities



*Watch for others

*Stay on sidewalk surface

*Walk slowly and quietly