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Supply List 

Washburn Middle School

7th and 8th Grade Science Supply List

You will need these items on the first full day of school. Please buy enough materials to last you all school year!


·       One 1 ½ or 2 inch 3 ring binder (any color)

·       Loose Leaf Paper – buy a minimum of 2 packs for each semester. Resupply as needed!

·       Pencils- Resupply as needed. If you use mechanical pencils, make sure you have enough extra lead!


Optional Items:

·       Colored Pencils or Crayons

·       Scissors

·       Glue Sticks

Teacher Wish List:

·       Hand sanitizer

·          Clorox Wipes

·       Kleenex Tissues

·       8th Graders: 1 Energizer or Duracell D-cell battery

·          Black Expo Markers

·          Construction Paper

·          Rolls of Scotch Tape


Thank you in advance for getting these items! I look forward to a great year with all students and parents. For a full list of topics covered throughout the year, please review the Tennessee Academic Standards for Science by going to this site:



~Mrs. Barbara Helms